These Quotes are not necessarily from Pastors or the Church, yet influencers from various industries across the globe who I learn from, are my mentors and have made an impact in my understanding.


Sima A. Patel is a Project Manager and Consultant for EMERGE Inc. www.emergetrainingcenter.com and also www.sheemerge.org

3rd Day Glory

An Annual Revival in Des Plaines IL hosted and by Alea Joy Kimmel


Sima A. Patel first worked with a Financial Agency in Beverly IL within a community program called "Black Finance Matters" created by the Team she was part of...later moving on to HGI to work in the Financial Sector of Wealth Management and Creation and leaving PHP Agency.


An Album on "Love" quotes...one of Sima A. Patel's favorite subjects to teach on within her Ministry

The Chapel

These are quotes from The Chapel in Libertyville IL.