Welcome to Quotes for Christ

As a Indian-American Entreprenuer I want to Welcome you to my Globally diverse and dynamic portfolio of some of my businesses listed below and this body of art work which is part of my Ministry. 

My Ministry is called Quotes For Christ! I hope you enjoy this work and celebrate the ever-growing work that is present here for you to collaborate your personal work into and with + share, and be part of. 

                                                     Sincerely, Sima A. Patel 


Project Manager and Consultant for International Indian Icon!


TALK FUSION: Get paid instantly with Talk Fusion and be on the #1 Team in the World. Click the link below or email us at sima@rapidtrainers.com

Flipping WallStreet

FLIPPING WALLSTEET: How to leverage technology to trade on Wallstreet.


GOSPEL CULTURE MAGAZINE: As Director of Marketing and Advertising for Gospel Culture Magazine, I welcome you to place your ad in the next subscription.


QUOTES FOR CHRSIT: Welcome to my Ministry Page which also serves as a portfolio of work for clients, and Christian Churches globally


RAPID TRAINERS: Project Management & Consulting Rapid Trainers is composed of TEAMS of Project Managers, Business Developers, Consultants and Industry Leaders. Creative in contributing to the overall power for global team unity and project fruition, able to quickly execute plans, while managing independent workflow for global TEAM achievement. With exceptional problem-solving and business expansion ability, we are headquartered in The Windy City, Chicago, since 2002.


COACHING BY SIMA: A coach is someone who helps you see the things you didn't see before and fix the broken elements needed for balance, success, momentum and leverage.

The Stage Africa Trust Fund

THE STAGE AFRICA TRUST FUND: A Call to Donate to the Greatest Good In The World-AFRICA!


EMERGE with Pastor Lashawn Freeman Whittaker: A Prayer Line Designed to Empower Women To Excel and Participate In A 1/2-Hour of Leadership Lead Focused Prayer on Entrepreneurship.

Professional Coaching

* Build * Create * Gain Speed * Focus Direction + More Time management is the act or process of planning and exercising conscious control over the amount of time spent on specific activities, especially to increase effectiveness, efficiency or productivity. With the right COACHING - COACHING  CREATES FOCUS PROGRESS & POWER Working with a Coach on commitments and Time Management effects all areas of ones life.  My goal for you is to be empowered to move in the direction of your vision and goals.


FINANCIAL FREEDOM: Work with a Billionaire and be mentored and coached personally by him once a week. Yes, that's what I said, he will teach you how to workout relationships, find and attract the right people into your circle who will establish growth with you financially and also be available once a week live on a video channel to teach you along with myself and the rest of the TEAM. We would love to have you watch along one week. inbox me for an invitation. https://hgicrusade.com/rapidtrainer

Health & Fitness

THRIVE with Le-Vel Become a promoter or a customer and change your life.


PROJECT EXPERIENCE: Various Companies Rapid Trainers, CEO Sima A. Patel has worked with.


SOMETHING FOR WOMEN: Every woman's Solution to designing her day with this beautiful and amazing way to organize your life with balance


OUR MISSION IS TO CREATE WEALTH FOR FAMILIES There is no shortage of money on planet earth... only a shortage of people really going for it.

Health& Fitness

THRIVE Make money and become a promotor for Free or a customer with Le-Vel and get fit, healthy and change your life.